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Our Dogs ARE Our Family

We love our labs like we love our children - and take the best care possible.  Quality food, proper exercise, focus on current vaccinations, flea, tick, heart worm, and intestinal parasite prevention  are a must to ensure our babies remain healthy and long lived.  We also screen for congenital issues like hip dysplasia, and test for genetic issues such as PRA, HNPK, EIC, CNM, and DM.  We recommend the OFA . . .Orthopedic Foundation for Animals with regard to skeletal issues.  Good genetics is key to passing on great puppies to you!  
I am blessed to work from home with our kennel and labradors, making this my full time occupation.  Doing so allows me to be present during all of the stages of pregnancy and whelping. I am able to crate train every puppy before they leave our facility . . . a BIG bonus for you!

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