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Our chocolate wonder stud. Cannon is currently the sire to every chocolate litter we produce. He comes from exceptional breeding, with his grandsire being GCH CH Endless Mt's Mack Truck!


This precious lass has proven to be a phenomenal mama dog.  She was born here on our farm, and is the daughter of Lottie, our favorite chocolate female, and Moose, our first chocolate stud.  Both parents are retired, and living the life of luxury here with us.


Another beauty who has proven to be a wonderful mother to her babies.  Not only does Twix possess the beauty and fabulous demeanor of a great AKC labrador, her loyalty and willingness to please is unmatched.  She passes these traits onto her puppies as well.



Producing Healthy, Good Natured Companions & Hunters

WindFields is located in Lincolnton, Georgia just 5 miles from Clarks Hill Lake.  We are 2.5 hours east of Atlanta, an hour south of Athens, and 45 min NE of Augusta in a rural community just perfect for raising labs!  We are Licensed and Inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and in great standing with the American Kennel Club.
WINDFIELDS . . .When Ya Gotta Get a Lab, Go to WINDFIELDS! 
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Available Litters

We currently have an all black litter. Please contact us via our FaceBook page for fastest response.  Thank you.

We do NOT take early deposits.  We typically take names and contact information - along with gender and color choice to be placed on a waiting list.  Once the pups arrive, I begin contacting those on the list in order I have received their information.  Should I not hear back within a reasonable time, I move to the next name on the list.

At this time . . .we have an extensively lengthy waiting list.

PRICING for our puppies ranges from $1200 - $2000 LTD rights.

call TODAY 706-359-1033 (landline)


Our Dogs ARE Our Family

We love our labs like we love our children - and take the best care possible.  Quality food, proper exercise, focus on current vaccinations, flea, tick, heart worm, and intestinal parasite prevention  are a must to ensure our babies remain healthy and long lived.  We also screen for congenital issues like hip dysplasia, and test for genetic issues such as PRA, HNPK, EIC, CNM, and DM.  We recommend the OFA . . .Orthopedic Foundation for Animals with regard to skeletal issues.  Good genetics is key to passing on great puppies to you!


Needing a Forever Home

Sometimes we offer a reduced rate on 'teenage' or adult labs which either don't meet our breeding standard, or have already successfully fulfilled their duty to WindFields, and are ready to run and play in your backyard now.  This is one of the hardest parts of my job because I love all of our babies . . .and the longer we own them, the more attached we become.  Typically, we offer them to you in exchange for the cost of a spay/neuter and vaccines.   CONTACT US TODAY to see which adult dogs are available for REHOMING/ADOPTION.


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We take deposits to reserve your spot in the 'pick order' once our litters are successfully on the ground.  Paypal (includes a small service fee), or CASH are our preferred method of payment.  Our pups go to you only after thorough check ups by licensed Veterinarians.  They come with LTD AKC papers.  We highly recommend you have your puppy spayed or neutered by 6 months of age.



My Labs . . . .My Passion

The Labrador Retriever has been America's Favorite and most popular breed for 26 years in a row!  That's a fantastic record!  Which is one of the reasons I adore the breed.  They are highly intelligent, very versatile, easily trained, friendly, lovable, and just about the best friends I have ever had.  Being a breeder has allowed me the honor of 'staying home' to raise my first love . . .our four children.  We are a Christian family devoted to our kids as well as our animals,  living a wholesome life in the beautiful state of Georgia.  This area lends itself well to the life of a labrador . . .duck hunting, lake activities, dock diving, fishing, jogging, retrieving tennis balls . . .just about anything that a lab can accompany you with.  I graduated from Berry College in Rome, GA, but have lived my adult life here in this area. Labradors are my life, my love, my passion. I strive to maintain a close and healthy relationship with as many of my fur families as possible . . . .and maintain a great relationship with my Vet Clinic peeps as well.


WindFields Labradors. . . . When Ya Gotta Get A Lab . . . .Go To WindFields!!!



We typically have puppies in the spring and fall, so make sure you get in touch with us regarding your furry family member!

(706) 359-1033

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